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Sometimes you need a significant event to understand your abilities and boundaries. This happened to us when they were sent to set up economic and social development systems in developing countries. The reality of what is now more widely recognized as emerging markets is characterized by a minimum of resources and a maximum of need. We are required to develop local projects to improve living conditions and quality of life for communities in the area.


How do you produce impact? And how do you recruit local collaboration?
In-depth research of the culture, values ​​and lifestyle need to be started. After that it is possible to start piloting and prototyping together and for the benefit of the target population. Then you can succeed in stabilizing a significant project, expanding and replicating it.
Slowly with a lot of control and attention, it is possible to start designing the broad plan that will put beneficiaries on a new path. A way that they share her design and later on will also run it.


We bring this approach into the world of companies and organizations. Experience in organizational, business and social development, and the ability to design meaningful processes and horizons. TRIPLE PROFIT was established as a new and original creation of projects in Israel and Africa designed to benefit the organization, the employees and the company.





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